Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Aid to Pakistan

It would appear that only a fraction of the aid that was sent to the countries affected by the great tsunami has been sent to Pakistan even though their current crisis affects so many more people. Sophie Rayworth on the BBC lunchtime news yesterday laboured the point when interviewing an International Aid distributor more than once asking why he thought that there appeared to be a lack of international will to contribute to the aid effort in Pakistan.

I have often, probably to the point where I could be accused of racism, questioned the motives of the people from Pakistan who have settled in this country. As I have oft repeated there can be no other race in the world who are, in thought and deed, so diametrically opposite to the British character.

This appears to have translated itself to other nations as well because most appear to be very reluctant to contribute to the welfare of the Pakistani people. What the Pakistani hierarchy must learn is that help begins at home. They seem lamentably incapable of conducting any form of internal aid effort. If they are not holding out their hands asking for donations/food/shelter then there seems to be no organisation. Even their PM seeemed more concerned with projecting his own image in the UK than coordinating their internal aid effort.

I'm afraid that corruption and Pakistan seem interminably intertwined to those on the outside and until they begin to project a much more wholesome image to the world at large then their poor starving people will suffer.

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