Monday, 23 August 2010

Iain RIP

It a week where news appears to be in short supply forgive my little self indulgence. Today would have been my son's 39th birthday. Anyone who regularly views this blog knows that he was killed in an HGV accident on 10 July. My daughter has formed an Iain RIP Facebook page and today the messages have come in from lots of his friends.

He would have been 39 today but most of his friends were much, much younger and that has been a theme throughout his life. He did not want to grow old. He did not celebrate birthdays. To Iain a birthday was a disaster, an unnecessary reminder that even he was getting older and definitely not to be celebrated. Well he got his wish! He will never get older. We will all age but we will always remember Iain as he was at 38 years of age...still handsome, still charming...still with that roguish, caring charisma which filled any room he entered.

One thing that I find extraordinary is the wide spectrum of friends who he attracted. He had his student crowd (and most of you are stunning), he had his HGV professional driving mates (and most of you are not!), he had his Christian friends, his personal friends and his family. One thing we all have in common... we care about other people and we cared about Iain.

It doesn't get any easier but it will. What makes it easier is the number of people who want to keep his memory alive! Thank you so much to all of you for your messages and support. Stevie and I are so grateful (Heh just in case you have just passed by Stevie is short for Stephanie... he says in a deep voice).

Please keep in touch with us and with each other. I impress upon you that you must be special people because as you all know Iain RIP had strong opinions about almost everything and everybody. Long live 'The Freak Club'!

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Anonymous said...

Beautifully put, as always, Bry.
Jess x