Thursday, 2 September 2010

Pakistani Ethics

Now let me get this right. A video exists depicting an agent with immediate links to the Pakistani cricket team conducting a deal with representatives of the News of the World newspaper. In front of the said agent is £150000. It was handed to him slowly and deliberately so that he had time to count each bundle.

In this video he agrees that in return for the money stacked in front of him he will ensure that the Pakistani cricket team (and two bowlers in particular) will bowl three no balls. He confirms that these three no balls will be bowled at exactly the time that the negotiating team want them to be bowled.

The reporters are seen writing down the timing of the no balls. The bowlers names are confirmed and the name of the captain is mentioned because he will ensure which bowler bowls which over. Now is that clear so far? We now all know that these bowlers have been bribed to bowl the no balls.

The following day the three no balls are bowled exactly on time. They are so obviously no balls that it is almost comical and the commentary teams for Sky Sports even mention what bad deliveries they are. Now here is my quandary.

What part of this scam does the Pakistani High Commissioner not understand? What part of this scam is questionable? What on earth makes him think that these young men are innocent until proven guilty? Why would he wish to prolong the agony and the embarrassment of this whole shocking affair? How does he honestly believe that he can excuse, explain or support the conduct of these individuals.

I sometimes just shake my head at people who find it so difficult to confront reality. All people involved in this miserable little deal should be banned for life and Pakistan should be suspended from international cricket until they recognise that it is wrong to excuse cheats. The series in the meantime should be cancelled!

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