Thursday, 12 August 2010

NHS and Asian Society

I see another infection has entered the NHS which has been born in the Indian Sub-Continent. I read that it has been brought in by Asians who have visted Indian hospitals for cosmetic surgery prior to returning to these shores.

This has to be monitored much more closely. For too many years Asian British have been allowed to abuse their dual nationality status freely commuting between two societies and consequently introducing certain illnesses which we had long since eradicated.

The same applies to their attitude to visiting hours. In many local hospitals there are signs clearly stating that visiting must be kept to a minimum and only two or three people should visit at any one time. Of course this doesn't apply to the Asian communities as they swarm in to pay homage to the elderly in their side rooms which is another issue.

They have either all got MRSA or there is a two tier NHS operating where the Asians get all the side rooms and are allowed unlimited visiting facilities. If you don't believe me check it out the next time you have to visit your local hospital.

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