Friday, 13 August 2010

The same people always suffer...

Why is it when I view the local news that it is always the same people who suffer? Whenever we hear of cutbacks it is always the elderly, the infirm, the under-privileged, the vulnerable or the poor who bear the brunt. It is never the councillors, the overpaid local government officers, the politicians or the care home owners.

Whenever redundancies are announced then the first people to suffer are the care workers, the charity shop workers or the meals deliverers. We never hear of a council chief offering to part with a penny of their salary to help a home to survive. We never hear of a councillor foregoing an expense to enable a desperately needed service to remain viable.

The vulnerable are not responsible for the state of the economy. In all of this they are the first people who should be protected. The people who should suffer are those public servants who have grabbed everything when they could. The expenses now being revealed by the Coalition which expose the profligacy of the NoLab government and their very many supporters should be the target for legal reprisals. It appears that there have been blatant misuse of public funds which must be repaid.

I would like to see a target force being deployed against all the public servants who squandered public funds. I want to see them being forced to pay that money back. It should begin of course with the prominent MPs who have somehow escaped censorship over the house flipping issue.

If the Coalition are really serious about accountability they must ensure that the poeple who exploited the gravy train pay the money back and then it should immediately go back to protect the vulnerable. It is high time that we brought some semblance of fairness into our society.

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