Monday, 2 August 2010

New Labour and Reality!

David Miliband has recently commented that they could be out of power for ten years or more, After the abject performance of NoLab for the past 13 years and the contribution of all the NoLab leadership candidates to this disastrous performance he could not be more wrong.

New Labour should be consigned to the dump for so many years until they realise that their supporters want them to adopt socialist policies. They don't want toffs like Blair/Brown/Mandelson/Balls or any of the other pseudo NoLab leaders. They want people like Keir Hardie fighting for their cause. They want education for their kids like it was in the nineteen fifties,they want a fair healthcare system, they want a fair welfare system. They actually want everything that the NoLab government failed to deliver.

The NoLab party became so smart that they failed. They were so devoid of policies and they apparently only cared for their own welfare. They reverted to type which has been typified by John Prescott. How this one individual can retain his self respect mystifies me and how any person who supported him can sleep at night also mystifies me! Unfortunately this party which has been so devoid of decency are still riggling and thanks to the BBC are still being given the oxygen of publicity.

My father would turn in his grave but socialism in this country has been wrecked by useless and self serving politicians. How has the legacy of Keir Hardie been destroyed by people like Blair and Brown? How can we trust chancers like the Milibands, Ed Balls, Andy Burnham or Diane Abbot... dear oh dear they are all useless... and that is the NoLab legacy. None of then know what they believe. They are all actually toffs and we need working class candidates. What chance of that eh?

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