Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Tony Blair and his book...

I have blogged many, many times that Tony Blair is quite the most unprinicipled public figure in the history of this country and that is a prize difficult to win. His standard of conduct since he took over as PM and since he left the job plumbs depths which is breathtaking.

I have long held the belief that he entered into an agreement with George Bush to invade Iraq and then had to convince parliament and the public that he held the moral high ground. To do so he invented a lie and shamelessly sold that lie to Parliament.

Since then he readily became accomplices with most of the European leaders and so many of them have got skeletons in the cupboard that little surprises me about these alliances. He has also been linked with Colonel Ghaddafi and the shennanigans with BP which frankly stinks to high heaven. In fact I have got to the point where nothing else than a trip to The Hague by Tony Blair would feel like justice. His appearance at the Chilcott enquiry was a joke. He was never put under pressure and sailed through like all the others. They have major secrets to cover up and yet they are treated like some kind of private gentlemen's club.

So now along he comes with his little plan to buy off the casualties of the wars that he initiated by donating the money he makes from his forthcoming book to a fund to help the injured soldiers. This man does not have a conscience! If you are thinking of buying the book please forget it and donate the money direct to the British Legion. His motives will be as usual a cynical ploy to profit from the misery of others.

Tony Blair is incorrigible. He has nothing but contempt for the services, the public and his fellow mankind. He was born with oratory talents and media charm. He has used and abused all his gifts. It is time to cut him loose from publically funded security and let nature take its course. You of course know what I mean.

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