Tuesday, 24 August 2010

How about a few Tory policies?

Ever since the Coalition was formed the minority grouping (the LibDems) seem to have taken the central ground. I sometimes think that, although they polled significantly less votes than they would have wished, they won the election. One would hardly think so however when we hear them moaning at every conceivable opportunity.

One after the other they hog the limelight complaining about almost anything as if they were significant. If it isn't Vince Cable, it is Simon Hughes or Menzies Campbell winging on about their dippy attempts to change our voting system or socially engineer our society. This despite the strong rejection of their policies at the ballot box.

What I would like to know is whatever happened to the Tory policies? What has happened to the nationalist right wingers who I know are lurking on the Tory backbenches. Have they been gagged by David Cameron in much the same way as Blair gagged his leftwingers. And whilst I am at it why does David Cameron invite socialists like John Hutton and Alan Milburn into his Cabinet? Surely he has Tory MPs who more accurately reflect his thinking?

That could be a problem because up until now David Cameron seems to be more aligned to Nick Clegg than he does to his own party. Frankly he hasn't shown any sign of being a Tory! He hasn't addressed the EU or the Human Rights Act and Ken Clarke seems to be softer on sentencing than even his predecessors. I wonder how long his honeymoon period will last before someone from the right will fire the first warning shot across his bows.


Julian said...

It's not just me then. I read the other day on some forum or other that the Lib Dems were unhappy at being part of a government that was responsible for "some of the most inhumane right wing policies since Adolf Hitler" (OK I may have misquoted but you get the gist) and I was starting to wonder if I was on the same planet.

bryboy said...

Hello Julian...no it is not just you. I keep waiting for some of these right wing policies to hit the statute book but Herr Cameron seems to be reluctant to offend his new allies. By the way where is David Davis?