Sunday, 1 August 2010


I don't agree with David Cameron over everything that he does. Foe example I cannot see any advantage for Europe if Turkey joins the EU. Somebody commented that instead of encouraging the EU to bring Turkey in he should be campaigning to get us out. He has done a lot to reverse the NoLab years but while he supports this corrupt, unaudited organisation then his thinking is seriously flawed.

He has however to be applauded for his stance on Pakistan. It is quite clear that most of the world's terrorism seems to emanate from Pakistan. It is a country so removed from our lifestyle and our way of thinking that it simply amazes me that any of them want to live here. But they came...they came in their droves and they soon made themselves so unpopular that the word 'Paki' symbolised their presence.

Contrast that with the Hindus or the Sikhs who retained their cultural identity but worked hard to integrate. Now before I go any further I must emphasise that nobody should sterotype any race/culture/people but the Pakistani people were the first to bring an alien way of thinking to this country. They dressed differently, they crowded into ghettos and frankly were unable to even relate to the British way of life.

Of course this brought with it resentment and made them a target for people who preferred terrorism to peace. We have subsequently paid the price but so have their own people. While the extremists thrive the innocent suffer. There are Pakistani Muslims who have integrated here but because of the extremists they will always be linked with terrorism.

Where do we go from here? I think that this decision remains with the people from Pakistan who seriously want to make Britain their home. They either want to make this island their home or they will forever remain isolated. In the meantime I am afraid that I personally steer well clear of burkhas, headscarves and mosques.

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