Monday, 30 August 2010

Derby County

Here I go again! On Saturday we were leading, top of the table, undefeated, Queens Park Rangers 2-0 when the fourth officials board indicated 4 minutes additional time. By the time the four minutes was up the certain win had evaporated and a mere draw was on the cards. Now do I need to explain the frustration of the Derby fans?

This is a professional team which had a win guaranteed. What do we need to do...retain the not get ambitious and secure the three points. What do we do... conceed a goal...try and score a third and concede a second! What is going on?

On the credit side the low level buys are proving to be effective. Young Brayford and James Bailey and Tomasz Cywka are really quite good. We are playing very good football and reports say that we have a striker arriving. That is what we need. We create chances all the time but we don't have a natural predator.

I am a football nut. I watch all kinds of football. Like everyone else I appreciate good football and I know the value of team spirit and teamwork. Something tells me that Nigel Clough has a plan. He is not his Dad and he does have his hands tied by a parsimonious board of directors. Up until now the Rams have been the twelth best supported club in the country but they have little money to spend. Now why have these Americans bought the club if they cannot afford to fund it? Why buy a potential Premiership club if you can't afford it?

On the field however, they are lacking confidence. This is the best team in the Championship but they need to believe it. I have a betting voucher giving me 40-1 for the Rams to win the Championship. I don't expect to collect but as yet I have not seen a threat. The only threat are the Rams themselves.

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