Saturday, 28 August 2010

A No Ball for our people?

Can anyone believe the mindset of the Pakistani cricketers? Knowing that their country was under scrutiny from the rest of the world following the appalling flooding in their country they decided to cut a deal over the bowling of no balls.

They are touring over here apparently oblivious to the plight of their own people and this is exactly why nobody trusts them. How can a country facing such a catastrophe even think about cricket? We are led to believe that their country is facing the most horrendous plight. Nightly we see visions on our television depicting very poor people clinging desperately to life and yet it is not sufficient to cancel a cricket tour.

Not content with that they then ignore the horrendous plight of their poor people and negotiate deals to cheat. This is the country who have exported terror to the world. They are totally and utterly THE most corrupt country in the world (and that does not excuse North Korea and Iran). We have been castigated for using the word 'Paki' to epitomise foul practice. Now we know why this 'expletive' entered our vocabulary.

If these cricketers actually are proven to have dealt with gamblers/newspapaers at the height of their national disaster then we. the sceptics, have been proven correct. As a nation they are probably, providing more men than anyone else, to the cause of the Afghan War. They are implacably our enemy. We have invited our enemy into our parlour and we should recognise that.

Is it not sad that they cannot recognise that we really have tried to help. Some people want to help...but clearly not their own twisted privileged. Any help going to Pakistan is a waste of money and their own cricketers have proven it!

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