Thursday, 19 August 2010

Aid to Pakistan...and the EU

It is tragic! It is appalling! But it is not, in this modern world, the sole responsibility of the UK and the USA to save the people of Pakistan. We are fighting a desperate war at home to recover from the legacy of the NoLab government. We cannot afford to spend money on a country which will not even be grateful.

Where are our European 'allies' in all of this? Why is it only our responsibility to help the people of Pakistan? What happens to our immense contributions to the EU? Surely if we are an equal partner then there has to a contribution from the EU to Pakistan? Where are they? What have they done? As usual when the chips are down we are alone in Europe. The EU is and always has been a farce.

I cannot understand why our politicians seem to be scared to death to challenge the EU. It achieves nothing and yet our contributions outweigh anything else in our fight for solvency. If Pakistan requires Aid then it is the responsibility of the EU to provide it from our annual contributions. If they duck this responsibility then people like Baroness Ashton (remember her?) should appear before the British public and explain why.

This really bugs me! All our leading politicians, for whatever reason, are Europhiles but they can never explain away their reasoning. Everything about the EU resonates corruption and they tacitly refuse the electorate a vote on our membership. What the hell is going on? They all appear to be democratic politicians but the situation in Pakistan exposes their corruption.

UPDATE: France is kicking out Romanies...what has happened to their Human Rights which apparently prevents us kicking out anyone? Does the European Human Rights Act only operate in the UK? We must seriously demand a referendum on this nonsense. It should never be allowed to drop. It is highway robbery!

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Julian said...

I totally agree. France, which started the EU, has always ignored any ruling that was not in its benefit. When General de Gaulle said "Non" to our entry we should have left it at that, told him where to stick his Common Market.