Wednesday, 11 August 2010

So much to catch up upon but...England

I told everyone during the World Cup that Fabio Capello had to make a huge decision and drop Frank Lampard. Look back through my posts and you will see that I said it I said it at the time and not afterwards! Everyone and his dog knew that for whatever reason Lampard and Gerard could not work together. Managers like Capello are being paid huge amounts to make crucial decisions which bring failure or glory.

Capello failed when he was needed. He could not change the team, the culture or the mood in the camp when the going got tough. He chose the wrong squad, the wrong team and the wrong tactics. OK he was inititally worth a punt but he got it wrong so why do we not choose a guy who played in our culture, speaks our language and will reflect our approach to football.

Amazingly Martin O'Neill is suddenly available to manage England! Amazingly Fabio did not look enhusiastic tonight. Amazingly Stevie G saved his bacon after yet another unconvincing performance... but for how long?

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