Sunday, 29 August 2010

Lorry Drivers and the danger to the motorist!

Today I got behind the wheel for the first time since my attack and it was brilliant. One of the worst things about a heart attack is that all of a sudden you lose your independence. People regard you as an invalid and even though they are nice you can see that they are wary. You know...will you die on them?

I have friends who were much, much, worse than me. One of them was revived three times, twice at home and once in the ambulance and today you would never know it. He is an inspiration to me. I never even passed out. I had a warning. I like to think of it as a broken heart. When my son was killed it broke my heart not just metaphorically but physically. I must now recover and continue as before to guide my beloved granddaughters and fight for justice for my son.

His death was a result of a very corrupt system which drives lorry drivers beyond normal endurance. It should be stopped because it is dangerous to all the other road users. I will blog much more on this subject as evidence evolves. It is a shocking indictment on so many of the multinational companies who supply their stores relentlessly regardless of the cost.

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