Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Heart Attack!!

I have just arrived home after six days in a local hospital recovering from a heart attack! After my recent family bereavement it was the last thing anyone needed and of course it does affect all members of the family. Fortunately it was not a major attack (if one can put it that way) but of course it is a warning and needs to be taken seriously.

It did put me back in touch with the NHS once again and gave me an opportinity to observe at first hand how the modern NHS is coping with modern austerity measures. However I will leave that for another time.

To my bowls mates who were playing when I collapsed on the 18th end of the Loughborough and Distict league against Quorn I would like to issue a little reminder! Despite my heart attack we still won the game and after going to all that trouble I was dismayed to learn that you fit guys playing at Quorn both lost both your rinks!! Come on guys I can't do much more!

Finally thanks to Paul Chalmers who recognised the symptoms and phoned the paramedics despite my insane ramblings that I would play on! Thanks also to the team from Quorn for being so sporting and understanding...I owe you all a pint.

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