Sunday, 29 August 2010


They are trying to deny it! This disgraceful nation should be thrown out of international cricket. It is only by cutting them off from the rest of the world that we will bring them into line. Pakistan cannot, they simply cannot, play a game honestly. It is not in their psyche!

Heh don't get me wrong I don't actually have any connection with Pakistan. I don't have any axe to grind. I just cannot believe how the western world continually to pander to a race who contine to endorse what most people believe of them.

They cannot even cheat sensibly. Their go between confirmed that the whole Pakistani set up is so corrupt that being honest precludes their selection. If they are allowed to continue in world cricket then we may as well forget the game completely. Pakistan has effectively killed cricket as an honest sport but then ever since the days of Mike Gatting did we believe anything else?

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