Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Modern Police

Is it just me or is this hunt for Raoul Moat becoming faintly ridiculous? This modern police force led by a woman who comes across as someone who is so far removed from the image of a competent copper that it is almost amusing. They have nominated someone who has decided that he will talk directly to Raoul Moat through the media. It is like something from a very bad 'B' movie!

We have a whole police force dredging through the countryside with automatic weapons, terrorising a peaceful community and not one sighting of the fugitive. They come across as clueless. I have the feeling that most of them are terrified because this guy has declared that he actually wants to kill them.

The risk assessment, modern, police force is looking what it is... not up to the job. Don't get me wrong Raoul Moat needs to be caught and soon but... I get the impression that he has slipped through the net and will strike again the very minute that they drop their guard.

I really hope that I am wrong and I will apologise if they get him tonight. However he is a really large, powerful guy who is instantly recognisable. Once again the justice system in this country is getting what it deserves! This time however the people who prop it up may eventually regret their stance.

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