Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Police Brutality

There are increasing examples of police brutality appearing on the Internet. Of course the most public example was the assault on Ian Tomlinson which probably led to his death. The police are in a difficult position because they are in today's very violent society always at the forefront in the fight against crime.

They face on a daily basis the probabability of injury or worse as in the case of the policeman shot in the face by Raoul Moat but it is my contention that they must, even under severe provocation, act with restraint. Once police officers lose control public confidence is lost and if the police lose the respect of the public then everyone loses. In my military days we were always taught to think of the consequences before making a decision. The adage was always, 'What will you say at the Court Martial'.

The CPS appear to be very reluctant to prosecute serving police officers and I can see why but where the evidence is irrefutable then police officers should be asked to account for their actions. It is happening all too often today and something must change.

The officer who batoned and violently shoved Ian Tomlinson in the back had a history of violence. He was not under threat. His actions were not in keeping with his role of police officer. He should have faced a judge and the decision not to make him explain his actions has harmed public confidence in the police.

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