Sunday, 4 July 2010

The NHS beyond belief!

At last the salaries of government executives are being leaked into the public domain. These are the men who have taken full advantage of New Labour's inability to keep a lid on public expenditure. One of the most trumpeted of Gorgon Brown's excuses for losing grip of the public finances was his oft repeated excuse that the recession began in the United States. Every time he was approached about our serious financial position he called it 'The World Recession' thus deflecting blame from him and his useless cabinet.

Now we know why we had a serious financial position and it was one of the first topics that I blogged about when I first set up this blog. That was two and a half years ago I was really concerned about the dreadful waste of public money then. The word I used was 'untenable' but I had vey little idea how many people were drinking at the public trough and to what extent.

Today we learn that 320 executives of the National Health Service were earning more than the Prime Minister. 53 of them are earning more than £200,000 and let's hear it for Ian Miller who as Interim Director of Finance and Investment for the South East Coast Strategic Helath Auhthority who took pole position when he negotiated himself £305-310,000 for 9.3 months! Wow that is breathtaking! I wonder how many members of the public lost operations because of this salary. How many paramedics could have been recruited? How many special bits of equipment could have been bought to save lives?

This is the problem you see...these people were actually taking a far, far too large a slice of the cake and someone has always got to suffer. Now remember this is the NHS and now we all know why billions were poured into this monster and billions were obviously eaten up without an operation being completed. We must also remember that if these National Health Service Trusts would agree these salaries what were they spending on consultants and quangos?

I suspect that we may never discover the full extent of the profligacy in the NHS but David Cameron now knows where to begin the cuts...pass the knife PM I know where I would stick it!

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