Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Hebrides

On Monday I head north on my own armed with a car, a Tent, a gas cooker, a portaloo, my keyboard and a metal detector. What...I hear you say! Why? Well almost ten years ago I had a very trying health problem. To cut a long story short only the skill of a consultant surgeon saved my life.

That is the short story but the recovery period has been a lot more difficult. I now approach that dreaded three score years and ten and I am absolutely determined to max out on my life. I still want adventure. I still want something different so on Monday I head north with my eventual destination the Outer Hebrides.

I love my foreign holidays and later this year my wife and I will cruise to Venice and the Adriatic but...I am so looking forward to the challenge of the few days In the Outer Hebrides. There are very few opportunities in modern life to get away from it all. I will be self contained and hopefully the weather will be kind. I would hate to be driven into an hotel!!

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