Monday, 5 July 2010

I don't understand.....!

I am quite an enthusiastic supporter of the coalitiion because at last we are, on the surface, getting common sense politics but I am realistic enough to realise that no politician is perfect. I am happy that Nick Clegg has binned many of his manifesto policies for the good of the country (and Nick Clegg) but I don't think that they are bomb proof.

Now I believe that many of the major cuts should involve 'International Development' which we used to call 'Foreign Aid' and the NHS. The NHS in particular is an example. It consumes billions every year and apparently is unaccountable. This afternoon I spent a couple of hours as a prisoner of the NHS when I spent time with my 94 year old mother as she attended a 'falls clinic'.

I watched an old man trying to get to his feet aided only by his wife while a vastly overweight nurse stood back and watched them struggle. Not once did she offer the assistance of her huge power! I have seen many nurses in the past few years (sometimes from a hospital bed) totally ignore the need of the patient while they congregate around the safety of their central socialisation point and discuss boyfriend/girlfriends for lengthy periods.

Twice I saved my own life by being forceful when I had to be but there are many more people who lie in bed without my articulation, eloquence(!)or sheer will to survive. I was ignored (until I grabbed her arm) after I had suffered peritinitis to alert a passing nurse. My last words were 'please call the consultant's team or I will die'!

Sorry but I do not have the rosy 'Florence Nightingale' image of our nurses. Yes of course we have wonderful nurses and I have met many of them but... one bad nurse can do so much damage. One nurse I encountered spent five hours trying to put a caffeta (spelling) into my arm. I remember it so well because I almost missed 'Match of the Day' which was in those confined circumstances was so important to me.

So do we ringfence Internatuional Aid and the NHS? No we don't because they are two of the prime targets for cuts. Nothing should be ringfenced! If we can afford the unaudited, illegal EU fees then nothing should be safe...not even the expenses of Mr and Mrs Balls.


Julian said...

I agree there are problems in the NHS but cutting its budget won't improve it. The "managers" would protect their own jobs and it would be front line services that would suffer.

What might help would be the return of the Hattie Jacques ward sister with draconian powers. Also getting consultants off their pedestals so they can stop behaving like God, though I have no idea how the hell you would achieve that.

bryboy said...

Julian thanks for your interest but I gently disagree. This Coalition I believe have identified the problem and the 'managers' have had their day. The problem of the consultants is as you suggest another problem. Decent management would ensure that the consultants operate for a full week and cannot skive off on Friday afternoons.