Saturday, 10 July 2010

Iain RIP

This morning we received the dreaded visit from two female police officers who informed us that our beloved son had been killed in the early hours of the morning in a head on HGV accident. This has without doubt been the worst day of my life. I know that all normal fathers love and admire their kids but Iain was the most multi talented individual that I have ever met.

Not only did he hold a law degree and an HGV licence but he was a real genius with computers. There was nothing that he couldn't solve. He was also a skilled car mechanic often contributing to the Rover forum on the Internet. He installed my wife's kitchen, built our summerhouse and also installed his own under floor heating. He could build patios, cook like a dream and was an electrical whizzkid.

If that wasn't enough he was a mountain bike rider, he conquered the infamous 'P' company assault course to gain his red beret and at a very young age was an accomplished goalkeeper. I cannot ever remember walking into a room with him without all the female heads swivelling. Not only did he have the magical 'it' he was also eloquent and charming.

I know that life goes on but I will never recover from this loss. I will always miss him. It will be a long time before the crying ceases in my household. Rest in Peace my handsome, intelligent lad we are all devastated.


Julian said...

My greatest sympathy to you and your wife for your tragic loss.

Roy Lewis said...

I remember your pride in announcing his law degree. My deepest condolences to you and your family on such a tragic day.

TonyB said...

My deepest sympathy to you and your wife on this terrible news. As a parent I cannot think of a worse thing to happen.

TonyB said...
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