Monday, 5 July 2010

New Labour Hypocrisy!

Once again that arch hypocryte Ed Balls has featured on our screens criticising the coalition for their spending cuts. Not one mention of his part in the destruction of the national economy...not a hint of an apology...not a word on what his party would have done...heaven help us had they won the election.

Not a word on the absolute disappearance of, not only Gorgon Brown but also Peter Mandelsson who, having done the devil's work, can blend into the background and count their ill-gotten gains. This bunch of sleaze bags are now only content on the criticism of the people who are trying to repair the damage that they created. They never had any solutions, they never had any plans, they only had socialist dogma to fall back on...a dogma which none of the leading members ever adhered to!

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