Friday, 9 July 2010

Baron John Prescott of Kingston upon Hull

No wonder he looked sheepish! He is absolutely typical of the New Labour hierarchy. My real concern is that the Labour party fsithful cannot understand that their subscriptions and their belief have been usurped by shysters like Tony Blair, Peter Mandelsson, David Blunkett, Jack Straw, John Prescott and so many others.

I am sorry to tell the traditional Labour voters but you have been shafted by the New Labour leadership. Your beliefs, your ambitions and your objectives have been ruined by the personal ambition of multi millionaire Tony Blair and the Barons Mandelsson and Prescott!

Can you now seriosly believe that they wanted to represent you? Are you so naive to believe that people like Bob Crow and the Unison collective really have your interests above their own? Can you poor deluded employees of BA really understand that you are really a pawn in their game for self gratification. Get real... your union subscriptions are only an excuse for your so called leaders to piss on you and they do it regularly!

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