Saturday, 3 July 2010

The Political Police

My daughter today sent me a clip of a sixteen year old photographer being harrassed/bullied by our glorious Metropolitan Police. You know the same guys seen killing a drunken bystander at the G20 conference. The subsequent footage taken by the young man who was miked up illustrates that we have more than a few police offiers who believe that they are bomb proof.

The footage continually demonstrates that the police are out of control and that they believe that they can trump up charges willy nilly. Taking photographs of a military parade is not a crime in this country. Taking photographs of berks who are being over officious is still not a crime! Some of the police officers seem to believe that the New Labour Project is still alive and well.

Well I now hope that our new Home Secretary, Teresa May, will seek out these officers photographed by this young man and re-educate them. Now we do not need diversity courses for some police officers but we should redeploy them. These bullies should be promoted to the very front line in South London when this Coalition tackles the young black lads who survive through crime!

These Gestapo police must now realise that they are the servants of the people and that they cannot bully, patronise or bribe the public and that we must be allowed to go about our lawful business. Has it taken one courageous... one 16 year old to demonstrate that these Metropolitan Police Officers really believe that they are bomb proof.

Nick Clegg... you want suggestions about the laws that we want to be repealed. We want the police back under the control of the public and the new diversity courses should illustrate how our police can no longer bully the public. Read the riot act to the Met! They think that they are invulnerable. Teresa bring these bas***ds into lline!

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