Friday, 9 July 2010

The Modern Police!

Well despite the input from dozens of police forces, 20 Armoured vehicles from Northern Ireland, the SAS, helicopters and at least one jet plane with heat seeking capabilities Raoul Moat remains at large.

He has this habit however, of dropping mobile phones all over the place. How many phones did he have and why does he keep losing them? I can't help thinking
that he is taking the michael out of our modern police force.

Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones summed up our politically correct justice system when she commented that we had failed to arrange a 'multi agency risk assessment conference' when releasing Rauol Moat.

Bloody Hell what is that? This guy had openly threatened his former girlfriend. He was obviously a really dangerous guy and yet nobody thought to protect his girlfriend and in effect condemned her boyfriend. What planet are these people on?

When are we ever going to get an effective police force? It is ridiculous that this one individual cannot be located by such a massive technical force but then listening to the robotic press conferences of the Chief Constable and her media savvy assistant then it is believable. They look and sound inept and I am sorry but Temporary Chief Constable Sue Sim is not the type of copper that we need in this situation.

I suspect that this guy, who needs to be caught, will eventually emerge by accident because I don't think that Sue Sim will catch him.

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