Sunday, 25 July 2010

New Politics in the future?

I just wonder if we will soon witness a change in the dynamics of our political system? It appears to me that when Nick Clegg aligned with David Cameron they almost created a new political force. This new force however, has not pleased all of the people in their own parties. The right wingers in the Tory party are obviously displeased that we are not questioning our membership of Europe. The traditional Liberals also feel uncomfortable being assocated with the Tories. After all in many of the southern constituencies the Tory and Liberal activists are mortal enemies.

So where does that leave us? If the Cameron/Clegg coalition thrives and steers us through the chaos left behind by New Labour would they part for electoral purposes? If not where does that leaves the Nationalists? The more extreme of the sandalistas may be tempted to join the Socialists particularly if someone like David Miliband decides to try and bring some organisation to the Socialist dogma.

I can envisage three major parties lining up along the lines of Coalition/Nationalists/Socialists. At least if they did we would have some choice which wasn't the case at the last election when nobody quite knew what any of them stood for.

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