Sunday, 4 July 2010

The German Football Team

Well damn me they have done it again! In every major football tournament the Germans turn up with their worst team in the history of German football and then proceed to uncover future world stars! This is not an accident. They are so well prepared and the underlying reason is their education system!

Honest I know that you don't believe me but the German education system is superb...well it was when I spent 15 years in the country. During the time that I was on an interpretership course, paid for by the British Army, I witnessed their youth football programme and I also witnessed their education system. They understand the value of education which successive British governments have done their best to malign.

In this country in the meantime we have, thanks to Tony Blair and Gorgon Brown, abolished competitive sport in schools. The boys now have to take part in poncy dance performances alongside the girls who of course love it. I know because I witnessed my beautiful granddaughter (and she really is special) dancing alongside lads who frankly hated the whole deal! The future footballers are prancing about to songs from Abba when they should be learning ball control.

The problem is that at primary school level the male figure is non existent. The football coach is so far removed from the primary school in England that only the sons of dedicated parents are introduced into the English footballing system. Therefore only the kids who have ambitious parents will eventually play football, the rest will probably join gangs and experiment in drugs despite what Dianne Abbot our esteemed black,female MP maintains.

In Germany they begin at 5 years of age. Every village has a club. Every village hosts a tournament and if everything is level then kids take spot kicks! My own son was the goalkeeper for the State (county) age team at the age of eleven. I saw their system at first hand. It continually produces first class German players even if they are sons of immigrants.

Education is the key but in England at least the ladies who run the schools generally don't like sport they like dance! I saw so many fat kids the other night that it is obvious that dance does not replace football unless of course they are very dedicated! Hell dare I offer my services to my grandaughter's local school... naw don't go hell here we go again! Never mind I am 68 so I would be rejected!

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