Friday, 23 July 2010

Iain RIP

We cremated Iain at Mortonhall Crematorium in Edinburgh on Wednesday. There were a lot of people who came to bid him farewell and mighty impressive they were to. Iain always reckoned that he was the only HGV driver to have an Honours Law Degree and his ability to mix at all levels of society stood out a mile.

My wife and I rubbed shoulders with University lecturers, rough hewn lorry drivers, former military personnel, stunning young girls, police officers, family friends, committed Christians, former girlfriends and did not hear a bad word about our beloved son. All the compartments of his life came together, mixed together and discussed his strong personality, his talent and his humour. It was lovely and I was so proud of him.

The reception was exactly as he would have wished. We drank ourselves silly but happily. No tensions, no arguments, just an appreciation of Iain's life. I want to thank everyone who travelled so far to be there. A bond has been established and my daughter will establsh a Facebook page so that those who knew him can remain in touch with each other.

This has been a terrible tragedy and we will never replace or forget Iain but out of an utter catastrophe we have discovered so many lovely people. We have discovered an extended family of young people, every one of whom I would be honoured to adopt. Iain has left a legacy which is purely down to his personality. Even the staff at the pub in the village of Bonnyrigg knew him and allowed us a great deal of freedom to celebrate his life. We did him proud!

PS Tomorrow it will be back to normal folks! Things need to be aired, politicians exposed, controversial issues discussed because my grandchildren need a better life than they have at the present!

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Anonymous said...

Just catching up, and shocked at the terrible news. Please accept my deepest sympathy. How life can change in an instant.

I think you are very brave to keep writing your blog and I hope that perhaps it will help a little in the time to come.