Saturday, 24 July 2010

Normal Service is resumed....!

During the past two weeks when I have become very well acquainted with various routes from Leicestershire to Edinburgh and back I have only had limited access to newspapers and the news. In normal times I am a news addict but as you all know life for me has not been normal.

It did strike me however that although we now have a new Coalition government and frankly they are trying really hard to rid us of the NoLab legacy. they have not gone far enough. The BBC still cock a snoop at public opinion. We, the licence holders, still pay their wages but their objective is still to promote the abject NoLab politicians.

I am sick of seeing people like the Milipedes, Ed Balls, Mandelson et al being given air time. They are irrevelant! They are part of the inglorious team which almost destroyed the country. Hell in my opinion their intention was to destroy the country. They certainly did nothing to prevent the Brown/Darling bandwagon from printing money like Mugabe, selling off the country's assets to pay for their barmy ideas or destroying their electoral chances.

Since then what has happened to Gordon and Sarah? They have disappeared apart from one episode (which Guido has chronicled) where they were invited to a wedding of two sycophants who instantly paid for their idiocy because Gordon and Sarah managed to be two hours late for the wedding! AAAAgh!

We must rid ourselves of this cabal of nonentities and replace them with people of integrity. The late night drinking sessions at the House of Commons bar does not fill me with hope.

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