Saturday, 24 July 2010

Libya, BP, Tony Blair, Scotland and a rather nasty smell!

The other story which has emerged recently is probably a story which stinks even more than the Iraq War. Predictably Tony Blair is linked to all aspects of the story and predictably he remains free of reprisal.

The American Senate want to talk to Jack Straw, BP and Kenny McCaskill, the latter being the guy who basked in the glory of releasing the Lockerbie bomber. Frankly I have never believed the idea that this Libyan brought down the plane. I still think that he was set up by world politics as a fall guy so that he would be released and then rewarded for his inconvenience.

The destruction of this aircraft above Lockerbie was I suspect much more complex than we were led to believe. The conspiracy theories are rife and we will never know why that aircraft was brought down. I feel so sorry for the relatives of the victims. I suspect that both the UK and the US governments know far more than they are prepared to release.

In the meantime Tony Blair sucks in millions....

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