Saturday, 9 January 2010

Why can't we cope?

It is ridiculous because in these unusual climatic conditions we just seem unable to cope. I bet Ed Miliband is gnashing his teeth because his ridiculous claims of global warming are being destroyed by ,whoops, the climate. He is beginning to resemble King Canute as he tries to control the climate by throwing shed loads of our money at it! These NoLab politicians are priceless.

I lived for 15 years in Germany and we rarely allowed a fall of snow to bother us. There were of course extenuating circumstances because most of the German drivers have passed a rather stiff driving test which includes motorway driving, night driving and a really difficult theory test.

We however in this country all know that there are very many female drivers who are actually incapable of anything other than pointing their cars in a direction and pressing their accelerator pedal. They actually have never been tested in difficult circumstances. Similarly we have young males who are barely 17 and yet are handed a licence to kill. The result is chaos!

We have airports where they cancel flights willy nilly and yet the airport that receives the most snow in Europe, Helsinki, never cancels a flight! The schools close and there is never any authority monitoring these closures. There appears to be a culture where, if the staff perceive that they cannot drive in snow, then the school closes. That is not an option. In a nation where both parents have to work and have been encouraged by NoLab to work then the care of the children should never be so cavalier. The schools have a social responsibilty to remain open.

They should never be allowed to close. Staff who live locally should be named to occupy schools until the weather relents. It is ridiculous but then whenever has Ed Balls, the so called Childrens Minister. ever proposed a policy which would help parents and not sexualise children years before they lose their childhood.

It goes on and on, nothing works because this government are so far up their own arses that they have no idea how to govern. Gordon Brown is a total twat! He is utterly useless as a Prime Minister and yet he postures on and on until the very last minute so that he can maximise the position which he was never elected to.

Guido is right..keep this arrogant bastard in position until he has to face the electorate and be totally humiliated. I still think that someone will remove him before it happens! I now hope not.

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