Thursday, 7 January 2010

So who do we vote for...?

It is a sign of the times when the ordinary man in the street does not have representation in Parliament. In about five months we will have a General Election but what does it mean? Who do we vote for? There is not the width of a cigarette paper between NoLab who have ignored their traditional vote and the Tories who also ignore their traditional supporters! We therefore have three Westmonster parties who are all actually LIbDems!

I support a blog called the Daily Mash and the administrator has a wonderful and quirky sense of humour. For example he reckons that Pat Hewitt and Geoff Hoon have ruined the election chances of Labour by reminding people that Gordon Brown is still Prime Minister! He also reckons that if the Tories win the next election then they will retain Gordon Brown as PM because their policies are actually the same.

Westmonster is in a sad state and it will not improve if you vote for any of the chancers who currently occupy the benches. I see that Guido has started a Facebook group campaigning to keep Gordon in situ. He wants him to feel the pain of electoral humiliation!

I am still unsure of that because too many of the traditional supporters are brain dead. Many others depend on NoLab for their jobs. They have created an enormous public sector and these poeple will vote for their futures. What can the Tories answer with? We are the opposition and so it is our natural inheritance to succeed a failing party.

The problem is that they failed the country and many of us have never forgotten how badly they failed us. I would never ever again vote Conservative and I would never ever again vote Labour. What really is the point of voting LibDem?

We need radical, independent, candidates but our political system is so biased towards the main parties, who in return are ruled by wealthy individuals, that frankly any review of our political system is unlikely. So who do we support?

Who do the people that want a total change of direction vote for? There is no option so we have to find a way to rebel against this unfair political system. Do we vote, how do we vote what can we do ....any suggestions?

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