Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Who hates Gordon Brown...apart from everyone!

It would appear that Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt have committed political suicide by their round robin letter advocating a NoLab leadership contest. I really cannot believe that these two experienced campaigners would ruin their political reputation when they had no significant support.

These people are not daft They are dyed in the wool, hard nosed, crafty NoLab politicians so what are they up to? Who is behind this embarrassing attack on Gordon the Moron? Who wants his job? Who has organised this challenge to himself? Someone is not breaking cover just yet! It is now becoming clear that there is a concerted attempt to discredit Gordon.

My bet is the female option. Gordon is not a ladies man...he is actually a very unattractive person and totally unsuitable to the job that he inherited. I therefore suspect that the women are plotting against him. Note that in the last political coup Caroline Flint and Hazel Blears left office and now we have yet another of the Blair Babes to rail against the PM.

Who therefore leads this female force? Well most of the male members of the Cabinet have comeout in favour of Gordon because we have already heard of all the guys from the Cabinet supporting the boss. Balls, Darling, Straw, Johnson, Millibands et all have all immediately come forward to support Gordon Brown. OK fine but who hasn't clearly supported him?

HARRIET HARMAN that is who!!!

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