Friday, 22 January 2010

What will it take before Ed Balls gets the message?

We have yet to hear the details of the horrific case that has just been concluded in Sheffield but we know sufficient to comprehend that once again the social services have been found wanting. Once again Ed Balls appears on national television with his 'we must learn from this horrible case' act. It is little wonder that his inability to change direction from the NoLab mantra and dogma which bedevils all the government services which is the root cause of the constant failure of our social services.

Apparently nine different services over a period of fourteen years have been involved with the family of the little monsters who carried out this vile attack and yet they were still allowed to roam free to commit their acts. What is going on?

We are reaping the consequences of central government interference in every walk of life. Politicians are laying down 'guidelines' in every direction and then appointing political lackeys on high salaries to ensure that their 'guidelines' are slavishly imposed. The result is chaos and it doesn't matter where one looks. The police, the CPS, the NHS, welfare, education, immigration, benefits, transport (particularly the railways) doesn't matter where you look because nothing is working in a coordinated and controlled fashion. The lackeys who got their positions purely on the basis that they are 'a safe pair of hands' usually cannot manage, think on their feet or problem solve.

There is only one lesson that Ed Balls needs to learn and that is to stop interfering! He is the problem because he is so politically bigoted that he can only think in one direction. Until we dump the EU, discipline the young, disband the men in grey suits (the lackeys) and put the services back into the hands of the professionals we will always have this problem.

The message Ed Balls must learn is that HE is the problem but it is a message that he will never comprehend.

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