Thursday, 21 January 2010

Why is Gordon destroying our economy?

I was watching the 'Daily Politics' Show on BBC2 this lunchtime and was drawn to the conversation between Andrew Neil, the presentor, Max Hastings a prominent journalist and a finance expert from the Tory party whose name escapes me at the moment. All three were predicting unbelievable consequences in about three years time because Gordon Brown will not rein in public expenditure. Not only is he still pumping 'quantative easing' (printing more money) into the economy but he is borrowing billions every month to prop up his government.

The Chancellor's growth predictions were also described as being highly optimistic as were his economic forecasts. Given that NoLab took over at a time when the country was in a relatively prosperous position I do wonder how Gordon Brown has managed, during his time as Chancellor and PM, to wreck the economy and why? We must also not forget that he has raided pension funds and sold off gold reserves at rock bottom prices.

Now it appears that we have discovered much, much, too late that this man has been responsible for destroying our economy to such an extent that knowledgeable media pundits are predicting years of dire and deep cuts in public services.

What I do not understand is why nobody is stopping him? Why isn't the governor of the Bank of England or the Financial Services Authority shouting from the rooftops? How can the International Monetary Fund continue to throw money at him? What is his own party doing about it? Surely someone is concerned about his borrowing levels?

Two years ago after I began this blog I wrote about the unsustainable rates began blown on the quangos, committees and trusts. He was pouring money into the Public Sector at on lunatic proportions and only Robert Mugabe seems to print more money to make his problems disappear. Surely going on the Zimbabwe model galloping and rampant inflation is the only logical consequence!

Therefore I return to my original question. Why is Gordon doing it? What is his agenda? It seems obvious that he knows what he is doing but why? I read that his mentor, Jack Jones, hated this country to such an extent that he spied for the Russians for many years. Can our PM really be held in similar regard? After all he has, since he arrived in the job, failed miserably to lead the country. There have been no major policies but he has, reneged on an election promise to hold a referendum on the EU, he then signed away our sovereignty, presided over a major banking crisis and starved local authorities of cash.

I am beginning to think the unthinkable because the more I look at his record the worse it looks. I just don't understand why he is being allowed to continue. He seems to be a very dangerous individual and I am concerned.

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