Thursday, 28 January 2010

Global Warming

It looks as if the Global Warming myth is beginning to unravel in many directions. Day after day another aspect of the once inviolate evidence which has been used to fleece countries of vast sums of money is debunked as unproven nonsense. Now the much vaunted University of East Anglia has been accused of breaching the Freedom of Information Act by refusing to disclose some of their scientific data.

Now the question I ask is why? Why did someone come up with this ruse and why did so many of our more dubious politicians immediately jump on the bandwagon. Not so long ago to doubt global warming was to invite immediate scorn and yet the evidence was sketchy to say the least.

I just wonder what was behind it all and why organisations like the BBC, despite the evidence, continues to parrot the global warming mantra. The guy who I really want to see squirm is Ed Milliband who was so often seen on television talking expansively about the global warming science as if it was the most important event in our lives, which of course it could have been!

So why the subtefuge? What are our ridiculously duplicitous politicians up to now? Just imagine if we had a future global problem? Nobody would believe anyone! They have damaged the credibility of the political class to convince us that we are in danger. Imagine the future ... a Tsunami is heading towards Tintagel...yeh yeh remember global warming...BOSH!!

The world has gone mad but at least we are not going to fry in the next twenty five years!

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