Friday, 29 January 2010

Well was that it...?

The Chillout enquiry had the opportunity today to grill an ex-PM who perpetrated a huge fraud on the British people and failed to hold him to account. This enquiry in my eyes lost all credibility today because at long last they brought this fraudster before them and then patted him on the head and allowed him off the hook.

Make no mistake Blair was sh*tting himself and yet nobody could land the fatal blow. This is all too gentlemanly, it is all too civil, it is all too British and yet we are dealing with someone responsible for the deaths of thousands of people without any kind of legal or political mandate. Tony Blair threw our soldiers into a major conflict on a personal whim. He bombed the hell out of a civil population (many of whom hated Saddam Hussein) because he alone thought it was a good idea.

He lied to Parliament consistently and failed to keep any vestige of a record on his performance. He knew that the lies that he was projecting were unsubstantiated but yet we were dragged into a revenge Bush War created purely because Daddy Bush cocked up a decade before and failed to nail Saddam Hussein.

Saddam had nothing to do with Al Quada and he balanced the Middle East because he helped to keep Iran in check. He was a bad man but was he worse than Robert Mugabe or the Chinese? We as a nation cannot flaunt international law and despite the Blair conviction he was no worse than many others. So why did he send us to war?

Tony Blair is an opportunist and so is his wife. They consistently during his premiership demonstrated a lack of class, a lack of quality and a lack of integrity. Today was the chance for the Chillout Enquiry to attack him and expose him. They failed and many of us believe that this enquiry like so many others assembled by NoLab will fail the public.

Today the Blairs have amassed a vast fortune purely because they did the bidding of the billionaires from America. It cost many lives but heh what the hell!!

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