Sunday, 17 January 2010

Does the election really matter...?

We are gearing up for another election in this country where we as Britains will all troop to the polling stations expecting that our vote will ensure democracy reigns in this country. But the question that I pose is this the first election in this country where your vote is actually not worth a light?

Gordon, Dave and Nick have all ensured that our sovereignty has been passed over to a cabal of European dictators who are unelected, unwanted and undemocratic. Our sole representative in this ridiculous conglomorate is Cathy Ashton who has never earned a vote from anyone. Frankly they have moved Moscow to Brussels and we have never had a say on this little matter of our lives.

The catalisk for this destruction of democracy is the Bilderberger Group who meet once a year and decide the agenda for the next year. Yes they are a secret society but Google them and then you will discover their disciples. These are the people who actually rule the world to such an extent that our vote is worthless. You will be amazed at who the Bilderberger group have courted over the years. You will also realise that they transcend our political spectrum. The Bilderberger group is so powerful that all our influential mainstream politicians have been summoned at one time or other.

Sorry folks but we have come to the point where our parliament has lost it's authority. We are ruled by Cathy Ashton (unelected, unwanted and unknown) and if you don't like it then don't vote for the Westmonster parties. We MUST, MUST, MUST, free ourselves from the EUssr or we lose our national identity. It may aleady be too late.

I believe that this next election should be a referendum on the European Union. That is if you want out of the EU then you cannot vote for any of the Westmonster parties. If that is the only choice given you them protest by spoiling your paper. We must demonstrate to the Political Class just how p*ssed off we are by the damage that they have done to the country over the past 30 years or more.

Of course if you don't care then you deserve all you get!

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