Monday, 4 January 2010

Asians who call themselves British!

Enough is enough! These 'British' Muslims who have been allowed by NoLab to populate this country are now pushing for a confrontation. They are quite deliberately challenging all the values that we hold dear. Why else would they want to march through Wootton Bassett? The little Wiltshire town has become a symbol of our grief and these so called 'British' subjects are challenging this symbol of the nation.

Why does this useless government continue to allow these Muslims to flaunt our nationality? Why are our hands always tied when it comes to confronting racism when it applies to the Muslims and not to the indigenous community.

Perhaps it is time that we ignored Westmonster and beat the Sh*t out of them because it is the only language that they will understand. It is incredible that all those people who get themselves into trouble always fall back on the 'British' card. They are so proud of their heritage but the very minute that they are in trouble they then become 'British'. We all know that a few of them have ruined our freedom, the reputation of the country(along with Gordon Brown) and our tolerance of immigrants.

It should not be beyond our ability to discourage these people and insist that they do not disrupt our lifestyles.

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