Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Childrens Minster is he the most dangerous man in Britain?

It never stops! What never stops? The incessant demands from Ed Balls on the time of our teachers. What next will he think up to distract them from their duty of educating our children? He alone has made the jobs of our teachers almost impossible because he trumpets initiative after initiative and never addresses the problem of youth discipline or parental resposibility.

He is obsessed with children and sexuality. Personally I think that this is deeply unhealthy. Yes we all know that we have a real problem with our promiscuous society and the pregnancy rate; but his party has caused the problem and he knows it. They have encouraged young girls to get pregnant by rewarding them to become pregnant so that they no longer need to seek work because the government pays them so much in benefits.

Now we hear his latest pronouncement which is beyond belief! Every school should teach the kids Mandarin?! I cannot believe that, what planet is he on? We need to teach our kids English! I mean proper English grammar because at the moment our kids are at a disadvantage when people from all over the world arrive here and write and speak better English grammar than our own kids who don't even know the meaning of English grammar! Nobody can learn a foreign language unless they understand their own language. Only Ed Balls, who frankly is a total nutter, would advocate anything else.

I cannot believe that this man is married (however he is married to Yvette Cooper who is another NoLab highly educated ideological prat) so it is understandable that they would want to destroy the childhood of children from the working class. Both come from privileged backgrounds as do most of the NoLab cabinet and they have ensured that their own kids are not subjected to the demands that they impose on the kids of the working class.

This man is dangerous and in my opinion quite deranged. He appears almost like I would imagine a disciple of Nazi Germany would behave. WE WILL TEACH OUR CHILDREN ALL ABOUT SEX EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE ONLY FIVE YEARS OF AGE! It is nauseous but then Ed Balls sees himself as a future Prime Minister... come on you voters this man does not deserve anybody's vote. Surely you people in South Yorkshire cannot believe that he represents your views? In my opinion he is an animal and so is his wife.

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