Monday, 25 January 2010

Protecting our Children!?

There is more than a whiff of stench surrounding the decision by Lord Hutton to mothball the documents surrounding the death of Dr David Kelly for seventy years. I cannot remember this decision being publically declared at the time that he made it and it has only been revealed by a group of doctors who are querying the verdict of suicide.

This has already been challenged in a book written by the admirable MP Norman Baker who researched the death of Dr Kelly in depth and concluded that death attributed by Lord Hutton to suicide was highly questionable not to say impossible. It was widely believed that the Hutton enquiry was an amateurish whitewash but now it would appear to be rather more than that.

NoLab politicians habitually use the excuse for a cover up by insisting that they are 'protecting children'. Ed Balls uses it a great deal particularly when he wants to protect the Social Services against investigation so when I read that Hutton had excused his actions by insisting that he was 'protecting the children' of David Kelly I drew a deep breath.

The Chilcott Enquiry is said to be investigating all aspects of the Iraq War and the death of David Kelly is very much part of this action or should be. If the Hutton Enquiry has now lost any credibility surely there is someone with sufficient power who can reverse his decision and present the relevant documents to Chilcott? If not what is the point of it?

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