Monday, 25 January 2010

What the hell is happening in Haiti?

I cannot believe the scenes in Haiti. The whole world is trying to help these people but there appears to be nobody capable of distributing the food. The UN is failing these people and it is a disgrace. Why can't someone, anyone get the food out to the people?

I tell you what in the end it will discourage people from contributing to any disaster fund because the people who should be organised, who should immediately swing into action and who should support the affected people are obviously incapable. It is a indictment on the aid industry and that is what I believe. As in everywhere else the aid industry is now open to the accusation that they are making money out of the misery of people cursed by nature.

I detect another political plot but then we will have to wait and see. The Political Class and the New World Order have a lot to answer for. In the meantime people in Haiti are starving! Sort it out!!

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