Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Task Ahead of David Cameron

I suspect that the sound heard around the UK at about 9.30am this morning was that of a million coffee cups shattering a million flat screen televisions as Andrew Marr once again interviwed Gordon Brown and allowed him to dominate the interview. Yet again this national embarrassment failed to connect with anyone other than the sycophants who need him for their pay cheques at the end of the month.

It did make me think though...because what happens after over a decade of financial mismanagement, marxist doctrine and social engineering who will have the skill to put broken Britain back together again? I watched David Cameron make an important policy speech the other day and frankly I cringed. We need a radical approach to our politics, we need a real hard man who will put fear into the wrongdoers and what we got was a cross between Tony Blair and Barack Obama.

He has done exactly what Blair did because he has ignored his grass root members and formulated a pro Europe, insipid, whitewashed party. For 'New Labour' now read 'The Modern Conservative Party' which means that we still dance to the tune of a corrupt and illegal organisation which has never been properly audited. If the EU sounds like the Kremlin and acts like the Kremlin then it is the bloody Kremlin. It has just shifted location.

Don't get me wrong I hope that David Cameron proves me wildly incorrect but if he does he has to take radical decisions on the economy. He must renegotiate our contribution to Europe and seriously review our foreign aid responsibilities. This is where huge amounts of money are being squandered. Then he has to rip apart the quango/committee commitments that NoLab has established which dig deep into the heart of the freedom of the individual. It is a huge job because the marxist professionals have almost organised the hell out of us.

David Cameron has a responsibilty to the victims of crime, to the rule of law and to appoint judges who will sentence the bad people to proper punishments and not to the the puerile sentences to which we have become accustomed. He has so much to ponder so that we can once again become a decent nation. Is he really up to the job?

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