Monday, 11 January 2010

Cheats, crooks, imposters, thieves.....

Can any group of people be as delusional as Gordon Brown and his cabinet of strange weirdos? They are paralysed by hatred of each other and consequently the country is sinking further and further into the mire. Gordon the Moron once said that he had cancelled an election so that the people could see his vision for the country. Since then nothing, no plan, no bright ideas and no help for the needy. Just a constant stream of soundbytes with no substance to support them, a constant demand for social engineering and potshots against people dubbed by NoLab stooges as 'toffs'.

The scullduggery over MPs expenses continues as plans to restore credibiility to the system are watered down yet again. The same snouts are still in the same troughs but The Times has just uncovered a fraud which dwarfs all the others and should immediately be a matter for a police investigation.

Apparently the Department which distributes Foreign Aid had given the TUC £2.4 million to do with as they wish. Now why they give this money to the TUC of all organisations beats me as it is blatantly and shamelessly an arm of NoLab but this is probably all part of the scam. You see the TUC did not distribute this money they gave it directly to the NoLab party. Taxpayer's money is therefore being used to prop up the most evil and corrupt regime ever seen in this country.

Now if this story in the Times has any vestige of truth then the police should follow it up and charge all concerned with fraud. They won't of course because the level of corruption surrounding NoLab is endemic. They have party officials in every walk of life who would block, hinder and bribe their way out of trouble. It should however, be the leading question when David Cameron arises in the House of Commons on Wednesday lunchtime. Well it would be if the Tories didn't have a funding problem to leave it alone then Dave eh?!

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