Thursday, 14 January 2010

In support of NoLab....

Today I received a letter from the caseworker for my local MP asking me to declare in print my support for our local MP. Now when I needed his assistance he stood by me and actually gave us a positive result. He is a good constituency MP, he cares for his constituents and I have no beef against him. Before he was elected I had met him personally and I recognise that he is a decent family man.

HOWEVER! How can I vote for a party that has destroyed the country it was voted to protect. How can we ignore the lies, the broken promises, the social engineering or the deliberate sexualisation of our children. How can we ignore the deliberate policy of mass immigration, the political correctness and the politicisation of our police force.

My MP has been very good at local level but at national level he has been out of his depth. We never see him on the telly. He has never made his mark. He has just limped along agreeing with Tony and Gordon but never challenging their mistakes. It is now time for change and my local MP has utterly no chance of retaining his seat. I only hope that we get a candidate that we can support. I tell you now that if we only have candidates from the Westmonster parties I will spoil my vote!

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