Thursday, 28 January 2010

Bribing the Taliban!

I cannot believe that these people are really serious. Have we really lost the war to the extent that Gordon the Moron would pay the Taliban to stop shooting our troops. I cannot believe that this misguided man would offer them money! Does he not realise who he is dealing with? It will now cost us £86 million to reward the people who have killed our soldiers.

What does that tell us about our politicians? This is revolting! We have been fighting a war which has killed 250 of our soldiers and Gordon comes up with a reward for the very people who killed them. He is spitting on graves. It is ridiculous because these people will always take the money but nobody can ensure that they will abide by the terms. They never have done! History will recall that the Afghans are ruled by warlords. These people have suddenly discovered a huge new source of income other than controlling the drugs industry of course.

Now I cannot ever put myself in the position of an Afghan warlord but let me try! I have just been offered millions of pounds of western money to curtail my activities and I will gratefully accept and promise to abide by the conditions. Of course I know that nobody will be able to monitor my activities so that I will smile sweetly at that really ugly British PM and then carry on as usual. Why not?

Another victory for the Muslims who are not hindered by the cowardice of the western politicians! The world is changing and our grandchildren will not understand why we did not oppose the changes when they have to wear the burka!

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