Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Speaker is acting Disgracefully!

Farage blasts Bercow migrant commentsSpeaker Bercow entered parliament as a Conservative MP.  He was elevated to the position of Speaker which means that he must act in an even handed and fair manner.  Most recently his conduct in Parliament has been disgraceful!  He has been seen as blatantly abusing some MPs while allowing others to misuse the parliamentary system.

His behaviour is all the more curious because he has turned against his own Conservative party and is now seen as actively encouraging members of the opposition.  His wife Sally is a well known Labour activist so how is he getting away with this behaviour?  His Deputy is absent facing charges of inappropriate sexual behaviour so surely Speaker Bercow should ensure that his actions are even handed and above reproach.

Yesterday when a Tory MP, Richard Drax, asked a question the Speaker spat out with contempt that it was 'a complete waste of time'.  It was a nasty, perfunctory, dismissal from a man who is clearly demonstrating that he is biased and therefore not up to the job.  I believe that he should be removed from office!

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