Thursday, 4 July 2013

A £10000 Pay Rise for the Political Class?

Can you actually believe these chancers?  Of course we all know that it is not them demanding inflation busting salaries it is IPSA, the 'independent' body that allowed them to rack up amazing expense allowances. They can then all parade on the box claiming that this is the wrong time and that they do not deserve this pay increase but we all know that it is irrevocable.

They are snakes in the grass. They protest too much. They all know that it will happen and that they will all benefit when the public are suffering from their 'austerity' program.  We have fat cats in Westmonster  and we have fat cats in every town hall across the country. 

They claim  their basic pay is too low but then they conveniently forget about their generous expenses, their subsidised eating and drinking places and their other opportunities for additional lucrative appointments and contracts.  To increase their basic salaries by so much in a time when we have increasing numbers of people relying on food banks for survival sends out a very selfish message.

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