Sunday, 7 July 2013

British Politics in Turmoil!

No matter which way we look British Politics is in turmoil.  We have a Coalition government comprising traditional political enemies (particularly in the Shires).  All they can ever agree upon is the implementation of EU policies which actually makes most of our politicians redundant!

Under the leadership of Nick Clegg the LibDems have, electorally, all but disappeared.  So many of their leading lights have been caught up in sleaze that, even to the most committed, they cannot be taken seriously.  The very fact that this minority group of political wannabees has a say in this country's future sums up the undemocratic political scene which dominates us.

The Conservative Party is split down the middle by a PM who rejects conservative thinking.  He is trying to 'modernise' a party that thrives on rejecting 'modernisation'.  Consequently a rather too large rump of his party do not agree with his policies, particularly on Europe.  They have been losing hordes of supporters.  Their electoral manifesto has now been revealed to be a joke and consequently their electoral support is now estimated to be only 1% ahead of UKIP.

The truth about Labour has now been revealed and is all over the mainstream media.  Ed Miliband and the Labour party are ruled by the Unions.  They depend entirely on Trade Union support for funding and consequently their electoral ambitions have been hopelessly corrupted.  Their selection process for candidates has been proven to be flawed and probably should be the subject of a criminal investigation.  Their leader, who owes his job to the unions, could now never be PM but who else have they got?

The British people could be accused of apathy but we are not stupid.  The people know what is going on.  They can see that our political process, which includes postal voting, votes for illegal immigrants and candidate stitch ups is no longer democratic.  MP's are being elected in many cases by a tiny fraction of the electorate. The Political Class are happy to sustain this lack of democracy and that is probably why Nigel Farage is playing to packed houses all over the country.

Nigel Farage is the only politician who will give you a straight answer to a straight question.  In a very short timespan UKIP has risen from being a few individuals to a mainstream political force and has sucked the membership out of the Tories.  I just wonder how long it will be before some Westmonster MPs defect to UKIP?

Our electoral system is antiquated and appeals to the Political Class because it sustains their corrupt practices.  If it was reformed so many of them would be out of a job and the people would have the parliament we need.  Before we can advance as a country we need democracy back where it belongs and that means rejecting the EU!

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